The Croatian Karl Jaspers Society was founded in Zagreb in 2011 with the aim of promoting Karl Jaspers’ philosophy as well as philosophy in general. The Society is, in that sense, especially dedicated to stimulating scientific research of Jaspers’ philosophy within philosophy in general. The aims of the Society are, also, inducing the general public’s interest in Jaspers’ philosophy, and with it advocating and popularizing the contribution of Jaspers’ philosophy to civil society and culture. Along those lines, the Society accentuates the organization of scientific and professional conferences, publishing translations and original papers in philosophy and related fields along with proceedings dedicated to Jaspers’ philosophy, and especially strengthening cooperation with related professional organizations in Croatia and abroad. Any legally capable person interested in working in the field of philosophy and related sciences can become a member of the Society.

The Croatian Karl Jaspers Society is a member of International Association of Jaspers Societies.